Emily’s Post for December

I have really enjoyed the last 2 years.  I want to thank everyone for giving me the privilege of serving as Fearless Leader of BURP. I thought I would summarize some of the events the BURP club has done over the past couple years.

In March 2015, we went to Richmond for a brewery/meadery crawl.  We’ve had several Bike/Metro Wobbles over the past couple years, thanks to Jeanie Osburn, Mike Reinitz, and Robert Stevens.  We had a great booth at the AHA convention in June of this year!  We’ve had successful BURPouts and MASHouts in 2015 and 2016.  Our Oktoberfest and Real Ale meetings were a blast!  We recently finished brewing the 35th anniversary beer, thanks to Jim Busch for his new one-barrel home brewery, and we will be bottling it soon.  New BURP “work shirts” with our names were ordered and many BURPers took advantage of buying these.   We will have new BURP Tee-shirts “soon”.  BURP participated in the Guild Holiday party with Jamie and Paul Langlie running the FastRack competition, which has set a new Guild record of 13.98 seconds!

As you all know, thanks to the hard work of Robert Stevens, Thomas Sords, Andy Albersheim, etc., a new BURP website has been installed!!!

The Club has continued to grow, and several new folks have stepped up to become officers.  We have had more people entering the beer contests and have encouraged others to begin or continue brewing.  BURP participated in the Guild by running the FastRack at the annual Holiday party.

I have enjoyed being Fearless Leader these past two years, and hope you have enjoyed our time together and will continue to support the club and participate in the contests and activities that the club offers. If you want to organize a trip or activity, I know the new officers will welcome your help!  As with everything, the more you are involved, the more you will get out of the Club and the more fun you will have!

On December 15th, we will have our annual Holiday Party, featuring pot luck dishes.  The contest is Winter Warmers and Wood Aged Beers.  It adds to the fun if your recipe includes beer as one of the ingredients!  We are having the party at the Apartments where Dan Rozman’s mother lives.  Please come in the front entrance and say that you are attending the Rozman party.  We will be confirming the new officers and thanking everyone that has helped the club this year.  It will be an evening of fun and fellowship!

The directions are on the website. (BURP.org)  If you are coming by metro, let me know and we can arrange to pick you up and bring you to the party.

I look forward to seeing everyone there next week!

Prost, Emily