Emily’s Post for November

October 29th was a beautiful day.   Jim Busch, Liz Pitts, Christian Parker, Christian Layke, Alison Skeel, Matt Pyle, Robert Stevens, Dan Rozman, Dave White,  Greg Leifer, Pam Leifer, David Derricotte , Sean McLlvain, Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson, Thomas Sords, James Wisnieski, Alan Hew, Jude Wang, Howard Michelsen, and I assembled at Jim Busch’s home brewery to make BURP’s 35th anniversary beer, a strong Saison.  With many hands to do the work, we had lots of time for fellowship. Everyone brought goodies for breakfast or lunch.  Alison Skeel provided


Dan Rozman, David Derricotte, and Jim

bagels and coffee for breakfast and Christian Parker provided pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.  No one left hungry.  We finished most of the clean up by 4 pm.

We will be gathering together in about 10 days (or when the beer is ready) to bottle the beer.  We will be using 750 ml bottles.  If you have any bottles sitting around and would like to contribute them to the brew, please bring them to the Real Ale meeting.  Let me know if you are interested in helping bottle and cork the beer.  We also need a design for the label. Please bring any ideas to Real Ale.

November’s meeting will be the Real Ale festival at Bill and Wendy’s on November 12th.  The competition will be held November 11th.  The results of the competition will be announced at the meeting.  Nominations for next year’s officers will also take place at the


The Anniversary Brew Gang

November meeting.  If you want to get more involved and make the club even better, now is your chance to make a difference.  Let me know if you are interested in helping.  You can email me at fearlessleader@burp.org or talk to me on November 12th.

The Free State Homebrew Club Guild will have its Holiday Party on December 3rd  at Heavy Seas Brewery.  Our club is running the FastRack competition.  The party is always fun and a lot of good food and brews.  It is a good time to connect with brewers around Maryland.  Let me know if you want to join us and I will let you know how to get tickets. We will have our Holiday Party and meeting on December 15th.  Elections for the new officers will be held that night. Please plan to make a difference and get involved.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Real Ale.