Emily’s Post for September

Greetings to BURPers everywhere!  The summer has been busy.  I hope you were able to join us for the great homebrew-themed camp outs this summer.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend for BURP’s second annual BURPOut!  It was a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing weekend, with plenty of delicious and varied homebrews to sample.  If you haven’t yet been able to make it to the new BURPOut, please join your fellow BURPers next year for a really wonderful and lovely weekend!

I missed the July meeting. I’m sure Bruce’s pool was enjoyed and everyone partook in delicious beers.  Howard and I were in Montana and got to taste a flight of beers at The Great Northern Brewing Company in Whitefish, Montana. It was a refreshing break from hiking (Which Howard Loves!!!). Definitely worth the stop if you are in the area.

On to August and Mashout!  Our third multi-homebrew-club bash at Organarchy Hop Farm in Oldtown, was, unexpectedly, a warm and wonderful event, sparking and encouraging close kinship with our fellow brewers in other Mid-Atlantic Clubs.  Having a gorgeous weekend for the event didn’t hurt either!  The George Offerman Memorial Beer Garden was a fabulous hit with homebrewers again, with over 40 homebrews on tap!  It’s close to the band, bonfire, and food pavilion.  Job well done Mashout organizers!  Next year, Mashout promises to be, if this is possible, EVEN BETTER!  Plan now to join your fellow homebrewers next August!  You will revel in the comradery, homebrew “gemütlichkeit”, and exuberance of the freedom of the large open spaces of Organarchy and the fellowship of your fellow homebrewers!

Looking towards the Fall BURP meetings,

Oktoberfest is coming up September 24th.  Bring your German style beers to enter the beer competition!   There will be a food competition run by Pam Leifer. This year the contest will include homemade pretzels, sauerkraut and “Apfelstrudel”.  What could go better with sauerkraut than sizzling bratwurst fresh off the grill?  Bratwurst will be provided by the club.  Oktoberfest-themed dishes of all sorts will be especially appreciated. Please follow normal protocol, however, of bringing more food than you can eat.

Look for more information on the activities in another article in this newsletter.

October will also be a busy month.  We will have our regular meeting on October 15th.    On October 29th, we will be brewing our 35th anniversary beer.  Jim Busch has volunteered his home brewery for us to use. This time we will be making a strong Saison.  We welcome anyone interested in helping during brew day.  Please put the date on your calendars!!!  If you would like to help develop the recipe, let me know.  More on this to come.

It’s also important to begin looking for places to hold meetings next year, mostly Spring and Fall.   If you are interested in hosting a meeting and have space for 55-80 people in your yard or meeting room, please let me know.  It is always nice to meet in a new place.  BURP supplies all paper goods, cups, plates, etc.  You just need tables and some elbow room.

As you can tell from my above paragraphs, there are many ways to have fun with your BURP Club, but to do so means getting more involved with the Club and its many friendly and gregarious members.  The Club only gets better when YOU contribute and hence YOU get more out of the Club.  If you want to know more about ways you can help or have ideas to make the club better, please button-hole me or send me an email – I will MORE THAN HAPPY to talk to you about  your ideas!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone at Seneca Park for the Oktoberfest meeting.  Wear your German garb (Steve Marler and Alan Hew always do!) and join in the fun!  See you then.