Em’s January Post

First, a heartfelt thanks to the 2015 Officers for all of their hard work and dedication to the Club this past year. A hearty toast to all of you!

We are very fortunate to have such a group of knowledgeable and motivated officers. Our new Co-Ministers of Culture, Greg Leifer and Dave White, are putting together exciting competitions.

Bill Ridgely is getting an early start on Spirit of Free Beer which will be held in April again this year.  The Club members assistance is sorely needed, since it takes a team to run this event! What a great opportunity for you newer BURP members to get involved. Volunteer! Don’t wait to be asked.

Wendy Aaronson & Mike Reinitz, Co-Ministers of Enlightenment, have some excellent educational sessions planned that will be the focal point of our monthly meetings. They will be relying on your knowledge and expertise to help with demonstrations and knowledge sharing. They welcome your ideas for session topics – PLEASE email them (or me).

Dan Rozman, your Minister of MemBeerSip, will continue his hard work and diligence to continue attracting new BURP members, and welcoming to the Club.  He has also proven to be adroitely capable of ensuring our current BURP member records are accurate and up-to-date .

Thomas Sords will continue as Minister of Prosperity, ensuring that BURP’s finances continue in the black, and our bills get paid.

Our Co-Ministers of Propaganda, Robert Stevens and Rich Sampson, have been doing heroic work with setting up the (sorely needed!) new  website and the huge amount of information it will contain. Your help is asked to help them keep data accurate – PLEASE be sure they have your latest contact information! They welcome any suggestions you may have for improvement or inclusion.  Anyone who has web development, graphic design or IT expertise would certainly be a welcome member of the new website committee. Please contact Robert at Propaganda@BURP.org.

I trust everyone had a great Holiday season.  The BURP Holiday Party was, as always, a lot of fun with a wide range interesting dishes and tasty beers.  It is always a great way to start the holiday season! Thank you Bob Andres for securing the wonderful venue in Vienna for our Holiday Party.

Now that 2016 has arrived, we should all assist one another to expanding our tastes by brewing and tasting more interesting and diverse beers.  Here are some thoughts to get you to start considering a New Year’s/New Beer’s resolution:

  1. Brew a style you’ve never tried before
  2. Help a new brewer learn a new brewing skill
  3. Enter more competitions
  4. Volunteer to judge steward at meetings or competitions
  5. Build a new piece of brewing equipment
  6. Volunteer to host a meeting
  7. Help set up before, or clean up after a meeting
  8. Help or plan a special event like a brewpub bus trip or Bike Wobble or a new event such as Spirit of Free Beer.
  9. Consider becoming an office of the club. It is a great way to get to know everyone.
  10. Anything brewing related that comes to mind.

Remember, brewing may be individual, but BURP is a team sport. Volunteer!!!


What do we have to look forward to in 2016?

January – we are meeting at the Wheaten American Legion and have asked the BadAss Brewers (of Silver Spring) to join us.

February – we are having a combined meeting with the DC Homebrewers, GRiST and Wort Hogs

A bus trip to Philadelphia is being organized – please volunteer to help with your ideas!

March – the meeting will be hosted by Pat and Janet at their community’s “club house”

April – Spirit of Free Beer and meting at Dan and Lisa Rozman’s home

May – BURP’s annual chili cook-off at Dan Allers and Christine Wren’s home.

June – National Homebrewers Association Conference in Baltimore.  We are planning to have a very impressive presence there.

And remember –  the fun doesn’t stop in the summer – BurpOut occurs on Popenoe mountain in late June.

July – Swim party at Bruce Bennet’s home.

August – the ever more spectacular MashOut at Organarchy Farm!

September – Oktoberfest meeting!

November – Real Ale “festival”

And let’s have other exciting events this year as well!  Please help add to the list!

I am greatly looking forward to a great start to our new year on January 9th.  We will have a joint meeting with BadAss Brewers at the Wheaten American Legion. It is close to the Wheaton Metro station. The meeting will start at 12:00 and last until 5:00pm. Bring food as you normally do. Since there is a bar upstairs, the post commander does not want us to do anything that might jeopardize their liquor licenses. Remember this is Montgomery County.  For that reasons homebrew in kegs and bottles are welcome as are growlers but the legion post will not allow commercial bottled beer in the Post.  So please bring your growlers, kegs, or unlabeled bottled homebrew (as well as a delicious dish to share).

See you there!