From the Ministry of Enlightenment – July 2016

By Wendy Aaronson & Mike Reinitz, Ministers of Enlightenment

July Meeting

Summer is relatively quiet as many BURP members are on vacation, and many don’t brew over the hot summer months. However, the meeting on Sat, July 16 will feature a pool party and wonderful summer session brews, so come on out and enjoy the fun. Rather than a formal enlightenment presentation, we’ll be hosting a brewer’s corner where you can share your beer with others and get feedback on your recipe and technique. Just bring enough beer for everyone to get a taste and informally evaluate your efforts. And don’t forget to bring one of your low gravity session beers for the monthly competition organized by your Culture Ministers.

Accessing HomebrewCon 2016 Conference Seminars

Those BURP members who attended this year’s Homebrew Con (National Homebrewers Conference) in Baltimore should be aware that all of the many excellent seminars presented at the conference are available for downloading from the AHA website. To access the seminars, you will need to be a member of AHA and have login credentials for the site. Here is how to access the seminars (for this year and for past years as well):

* Go to the AHA website at
* Click on the “let’s brew” tab and then mouse to “Conference Seminars” on the right.
* At the bottom of the page, login using your AHA username and password.
* Click on 2016 (or any year back to 2011).

You can listen to each seminar by clicking on the speaker button or download all of the seminar slides by clicking on the download button.

Wendy attended many of the sessions on sensory analysis, and at the September BURP meeting, she plans to present some highlights and test your threshold to some flavor compounds.

Ongoing Education and Free Beer:  We also want to promote opportunities to brew with members and learn from each other.  If you brew at the Aaronridge brewery, there may even be an opportunity to take 5 gallons home on the condition that a growler or 2 comes to a meeting.