Join Your Fellow BURPers for the Annual Potluck Holiday Banquet Thursday, December 13!

Join Your Fellow BURPers for the annual Potluck Holiday Banquet Thursday, December 13. This fabulous feast will be held at the Westlake Towers condo in Bethesda, MD. The full address and directions can be found at this link (member login required). Doors will open at 4:30 PM for those who wish to help set up and decorate.  If you can come early, and you have some fabulous decorations you can share, please bring them.  Festivities will begin at 6:00 PM, and we ask that everyone be out of the facility by 10:00 PM.  As always, volunteers are needed to help with decorating, setup, and cleanup following the banquet.

As with previous banquets, everyone should plan to bring a dish of their choice.  In past years, there have been a wide variety of appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, and desserts.  We hope this tradition carries on.  We also have a number of members who are vegetarians.  Some vegetarian main courses are encouraged.  It has been a longstanding tradition to use beer in dishes if at all possible, so be creative.  Try to provide enough food for at least 6-8 people.  All dishes should be prepared ahead of time as much as possible.  However, there is a microwave oven available for re-heating dishes. And electrical outlets and power strips will be available for crockpots and hot plates.

In addition to great food, the holiday banquet is always a showplace for homebrewed holiday beers.  This year will once again feature a Trappist Ale competition. All in attendance will have a chance to vote on their favorite beer, and ribbons will be awarded to the winners.  While kegs are preferred (so everyone will have plenty of holiday cheer to imbibe), bottled beers and growlers are also welcome in the competition.

Those entering the competition should pre-register their entries on the BURP website at this link.

The holiday banquet is always one of BURP’s premier events and an opportunity for you to show off both your cooking and brewing skills.  Don’t miss the fun.  Join your fellow BURPers for a feast to remember!