Important September BURP Meeting Information

The following is important information that you will need to know before you leave for the meeting on Saturday, September 23rd:

Meeting Time: The meeting will start at 12:00 PM instead of 1:00 PM. We need to vacate the park by sunset. This shouldn’t be a problem since the sun does not set on the 23th until 7:04 PM, but it will allow us more time to enjoy the park and the Oktoberfest camaraderie.

Park Service Charge: When you enter the park at the gate, cars with Maryland tags will have to pay a $3 per person service charge. Vehicles from all other states will have to pay $5 per person. Maryland residents age 62 and over can get a “Golden Age Pass” that allows you to enter all state parks free of charge (There is a $10 service charge to obtain the pass).

Meeting Site: We will be in the Blue Jay Pavilion this year. A map showing the location of all pavilions in the park can be downloaded at

Beer: This meeting will feature the All German Beer Competition (keg beer preferred) and there should be an excellent variety of beers on hand. However, this is not a “no beer” meeting. Please bring homebrew or quality commercial beer to augment the supply. This is a celebration, after all, and a good variety of beer is always appreciated. If you wish to enter your beer in the competition, please register your entry here.

Food: In honor of Oktoberfest, the club will be providing grilled brats for this meeting. Please follow normal protocol, however, of bringing more food that you can eat. Oktoberfest-themed dishes of all sorts will be especially appreciated.

Food Competition:  Along with the beer competition there will also be a food competition.  There will be a homemade pretzels, sauerkraut and mustard competition.  The plan is to have a panel of judges award the best in each category. Prizes will be awarded. Registration will be on site, but if you have questions, you can send an email to Pam Leifer (

Dress: This is our annual Oktoberfest celebration. Dress in appropriate fest clothes if you have them.

Games: We will be hosting a traditional Oktoberfest game this year – a St. Pauli Girl beer stein race. Some nifty prizes will be given out to winner, so try your luck at these fun competitions. Again, being in traditional Oktoberfest clothing makes these events even more fun.

Guests: Guests should be limited to only those who truly have an interest in joining the club. BURP is putting some effort into making this a great event for all club members, but there will only be so much club-provided food to go around.

Recreation: There is space around the Pavilion for recreational activities (Frisbee, volleyball etc.). There is even a 32 acre, 27 hole disc golf course. Attendees are welcome to arrive early to bicycle or hike the roads and trails at the park or boat or fish on Clopper Lake (boat rentals are available, and there is a launch site for personal boats, canoes, and kayaks). If you are so inclined, please bring recreational equipment.

Decorations & Music: If you have Oktoberfest decorations or music, please bring them so we can dress up the pavilion and provide the right atmosphere. BURP members should be onsite at the pavilion early to help decorate.

Trash: There is no trash pickup at the park. Please put all trash in trash bags that will be provided. We will need people to carry trash out of the park and dispose of it. If you have a truck, please bring it.

Further Info: Can be found at the park website –

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