March Competition (Stouts), Annual McCoubrey Event

To all ye competitors;

Our next meeting will be here before you know it.  It will be held on March 19 (for directions, click here and you will be instructed to login).  The March competition will be for Stouts, and is the annual McCoubrey Stout Competition.  This will be the first to follow the new 2015 Guidelines.  This competition will include 15B (Irish), 15C(Irish Extra), 16A-D (sweet, oatmeal, tropical, foreign extra), and 20B,20C (American Stout, Imperial Stout).   If you’re interested in participating, this will be a two bottle competition and will follow BJCP rules. Given the popularity of Stout and the McCoubrey competition, there is likely going to be many entries, so pre-registration is required by Friday, March 18.  The new website is open for beer registration.  However, if any difficulties arise, we will still accept entries by sending an e-mail with your entry information (e.g. style, brew name, ABV) to

Good Luck,

Greg and Dave

BURP Ministers of Culture