May Chili & Beer Competition Results

Always a highlight of BURP’s annual calendar, our 34th Annual Chili Cook-Off and Best Beer with Chili competition were held on Saturday, May 4th – likely for the final time at the azalea-ringed backyard of Dan Allers & Christina Wren. BURP thanks them for their decades of hospitality for this event!

Among the 10 teams competing in the Chili Cook-Off – again under the supervision of Chili Commissioners Bob & Kathleen Warriner – the winners were:

First Place Team #4 – Team members Pam & Greg Leifer. Team Name El Pamster & The Gringo. Chili name – Doe Rae Chili. Chili Description – Killer combo of venison, chirizo & chipotle. Beer Used: alt.

Second Place Team #6 – Team members Trish & Larry Koch. Team Name – Koch’s Chili. Chili name – Baa-Baa BURP Chili. Chili description – Lamb Chili/Beans. Beer used – Dos XX.

Third Place Team #7 – Team members Tom & Colleen Cannon, Pat & Janet Crowe. Team name & Chili name Jackalope. Chili description – Awesome!! Beer used: Dickhead Belgian single.

Hottest Chili Team #3 – Team members Howard & Emily Michelsen. Team Name Miichelsen Creative Cuisine. Chili name – Dark & Stormy. Description – Delicious combo of Pork, Ground Beef, Bacon & eight types of peppers. Beer Used: dark mild.

In the popular vote Best Beer with Chili competition, six beers were entered and 52 ballots submitted. Pairing their first place chili with a 3rd place beer ribbon were Pam & Greg Leifer for their Tropical Stout. Coming in second was current BURP Fearless Leader Mike Reinitz with his Clone Schwartz of Modelo Negro. And with the inverse of the Leifers’ chili & beer award combination were the Dickheads (Tom & Colleen Cannon and Pat & Janet Crowe), returning again to Best Beer with Chili blue ribbon status with their MaiCock Double Honey Maibock.