Mike’s Live for January 2019

Happy Brew Year BURPers! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and got to celebrate the new year with some homebrew in hand. This is my first update as Fearless Leader, and I’m excited to kick the year off. I have some tough shoes to fill with Dave White (and all of last year’s officers) doing a fantastic job. Your 2019 officers met this afternoon at Right Proper Brewing in DC to plan out the year…we got some fun things in store! See the calendar tab for a view of the 2019 year.

January Meeting

1/12 @ 12pm Our first meeting of the year will be next weekend on Saturday, January 12 from 12pm – 5pm in Wheaton, MD. This is our annual joint meeting with the BADASS group. Please park in the county garage next door (it’s free). The entrance to the event space is on the side of the building towards the back–don’t use the main entrance. Please remember that no commercial beer is allowed at this meeting. Also, bring your bottles & growlers in bags. For those who can’t bring homebrew, bring some extra food instead. Remember: always bring more food than you can eat & more beer than you can drink! It’s going to be Sour Hour (well, 5 hours I guess) at this month’s meeting.

Your Ministers of Culture have a Sour Beer Competition planned & you can register entries here on the BURP website (this will be a BJCP-style competition): Sour Beer Competition.

The Enlightenment folks have a discussion on brewing sours planned in conjunction with the BADASS team. You might want to bring some Tums this month…

December Recap

December’s holiday party was a blast and it was nice to celebrate the season with a fantastic spread of food & a great lineup of Belgian beers (the company wasn’t half bad either!). Robert Stevens took 1st place in the Trappist Ale competition with his delectable Dubbel. Chuck Hughes took 2nd with his Singel, and Greg Leifer rounded out the top 3 with another Dubbel. Congrats guys! We also elected our 2019 officers corp at the meeting. Yours truly is your new Fearless Leader. Rich Sampson & Jeanne Burns are your Ministers of Culture. Chuck Hughes & Matt Peppe are your Ministers of Enlightenment. Dan Rozman is sticking around for another year as Minister of Membeersip, while Pam Leifer has taken hold of the purse strings as Minister of Prosperity. Keiron Greenhalgh is your Minister of Propaganda with some help from Lon Holland as Webmaster. Bob Rouse has also agreed to stay on as Email Blaster & Dave White will continue to handle Merch Sales. Thanks to all the new officers for volunteering their time this year!

Upcoming Events

BURP Big Brew: On February 2, Dave White & Jim Busch are organizing a big brew to fill some whiskey barrels that the club purchased last year. We’ll be brewing an imperial stout to age in the barrels. Jim was nice enough to volunteer his brewery for the day, but it can only accommodate about 10 folks. If you’re interested in participating please email me–first 10 people to respond are in!

Brewer’s Ball: BURP will once again be participating in the DC Brewer’s Ball on March 2 in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We already have brewers lined up to brew/pour at the event, but if you’re interested in attending, tickets are available here for $150 (it’s for a good cause!): https://www.dcbrewersball.org

Spirit of Free Beer (SoFB): Our big annual competition will be held on April 6 this year at Silver Branch Brewing. Check-in will be the weekend before on March 30. Most SoFB positions are filled, but we are still in need of a Prize Coordinator! This competition doesn’t happen without some great prizes for the winners. We need your help! Even if you don’t want to do it alone, let me know & we can find someone else to partner with you. Email me if you’re interested in helping.

SMaSH Beer Experiment: Your Ministers of Enlightenment are planning a fun SMaSH beer activity for June, but we need brewers to participate. If you’re interested in brewing a SMaSH beer for the June meeting, please reach out to Chuck & Matt at enlightened@burp.org. If we have enough participants, this will also double as a competition for the month!

HomebrewCon: This year’s AHA HomebrewCon is on June 27-29 in Providence, RI. This is close enough that it would be great to have a BURP presence at the conference. But in order to do that, we need someone to lead the charge. If you’re interested in helping out in any capacity, please email me!

Merch for Sale! We have merch! Please reach out to Dave White via email or at a meeting if you’d like to buy anything. “Body by BURP” T-shirts (S-XXL), which cost $15. Only a few remaining! Navy long sleeves T-shirts (S-XXL) with the same logo for $18. Only a few remaining! BURP cycle jerseys (miscellaneous sizes) for sale ($45 each for members, $50 for non-members) Generic BURP work shirts for $33 (only couple XL and L left). BURP coasters with the old school logo, which we’re selling in packs of 10 for $2.00 and 25 for $5. BURP titanium openers for $10 BURP European-style stickers for $1

************** A Final Word **************

Phew, that’s all I got this month. I’m sure I missed something…and I’m sure I’ll hear about it! One last thing I want to mention: the officers had a discussion this afternoon about what we “want in a member” (e.g. do they need to be a homebrewer per se?). The consensus was that we want contributors…it doesn’t matter if you brew or not as long as you contribute to the betterment of the club. That means bringing food, volunteering to help with an event, spearheading something new, coming up with creative ideas, etc. So for 2019, I’m going to challenge all of us to think about how we can each individually contribute to BURP. And if you have a great idea, share it! My door (well, inbox) is always open.

Cheers, Prost, & Sláinte, Mike