Ministry of Culture post

By Greg Leifer and Dave White


The purpose of the BURP monthly competitions is to encourage brewers to advance their brewing skills by improving recipe formulation and/or technique based on objective and constructive feedback from score sheets or by experimenting with styles they’ve never brewed. Competitions promote education and the availability of great tasting home-brewed beer at meetings.

Thank you for electing us as BURP’s 2016 Ministers of Culture.  We would also like to thank Dan Bremer and Bob Rouse for their tireless efforts in 2015. We’re looking forward to what we think will be an edifying and enjoyable year of competitions.  Our goal is to strike a balance between the BJCP competition format and unconventional competition formats, while maintaining the framework of the traditional BURP “themed” competitions calendar (e.g. McCoubrey Stout Competition, Chili Cook Off/Best Beer, Oktoberfest, Real Ale, Winter Warmers)- save a twist or two.

As a club, if we want this year’s competition campaign to be a success, everyone’s participation will be key- not only as brewers but also as judges.  If you haven’t been brewing much, here’s your chance to get back into it.  This year’s competitions will give you the chance to either brew to a specific style or to get creative if brewing to a particular style isn’t your bag.  Additionally, even if you’re not a certified BJCP judge (Hey, we’re not either… yet.), we could use your help judging entries.  We will pair you with a BJCP judge to get experience.  BURP prides itself on having an educated membership (education= better beer!), and many of our outstanding and nationally well-reputed judges are ready and (mostly) willing to teach and guide fellow BURPers with little or no experience. If you want to refine your palate, learn beer styles, and get practice judging, there is no better (or safer) place than during one of our competitions.

As you’ll see below, we have an exciting lineup of competitions.  As in previous years, we’ll be continuing with the practice of preregistering of beer entries.  We will always try to accommodate folks who have been affected by extenuating circumstances (i.e. the dog ate my computer), but we respectfully ask that folks register by the Thursday prior to a meeting to keep us sane.  You can register by email ( until we get the new BURP website up and running.

Month Competition
January Imperial Anything
February Light & Amber Hybrids
March Stout Competition
April No competition

SOFB Leftovers

May Chili Cook Off/Best Beer with Chili

Best Summer Brew

July Best Session Brew

(Competition TBD)

September Oktoberfest

German Styles

October Ciders and Meads
November Real Ale
December Winter Warmers

vs the Yule Tide Log

Winter Warmer Wrap-up: The last competition of 2015 was held at the December holiday party and was a popular vote contest.   Jeanne Burns walked away with first place for her Winter Warmer, while Mark Hgenmiller took second with his coconut porter, and Dave White, Joel Kalvesmaki, and Roger Little took third with an Old Ale.

Our first competition of 2016 should be fun and creative!  It will be an “Imperial Anything” competition held jointly with the BADASS home brew club.  This will be a popular vote competition, and the rules are simple- anything goes!  Specify ABV and the general style/or a description of the brew, so that attendees will know what you were going for, and that’s it. If we don’t get enough entries, we might open it to other normally strong beers (like Barleywines, Tripels, etc.), but hopefully that won’t be necessary.  We want everyone at the meeting to have a chance to try your beer, so bring a six-pack, a growler or keg.  Pre-registration is required by sending an e-mail with your entry info to Entry deadline is Thursday, January 7th.

Details for February’s (Light & Amber Hybrids) and March’s (Stouts) competitions are forthcoming.