Ministry of Enlightenment post

By Wendy Aaronson & Mike Reinitz, Co-Ministers of Enlightenment

Your Ministers of Enlightenment are looking forward to bringing some great homebrew education to the membership this year. We are committed to include a 30-40 minute session that either covers a beer style and beer evaluation or a brewing process at most of the meetings.  We would like to start the sessions within 30 minutes of the meeting so that it doesn’t compete with the monthly competition.  We will also continue the popular Brewer’s Corner at each meeting.   These are casual discussions where you share your beer with some fellow homebrewers, talk about your recipe & process, and receive critical feedback in return. We always invite 2 or 3 advanced brewers/judges to join in so that you can get the best advice possible.  We also want to promote opportunities to brew with members and learn from each other.  If you brew at the Aaronridge brewery, there may even be an opportunity to take 5 gallons home on the condition that a growler or 2 comes to a meeting.  Finally, we would like to conduct a couple of offline educational sessions such as yeast handling.  We want enlightenment to be relevant.  As always, we are looking for suggestions for educational activities.  Please email us at

January and February Meeting

Have you looked at the new 2015 BJCP style guidelines?  Many new styles have been added, and some existing styles have been divided into multiple categories or renamed. Since 2016 competitions, including BURP’s Spirit of Free Beer will be using these style categories and subcategories, we decided to dedicate the enlightenment sessions at the January and February Meeting to providing an overview of the guidelines and conducting a tasting of some of the less common styles.

We will also have another Brewer’s Corner because it has been so well attended and we have received excellent feedback about its value to brewers. If you have a beer that you’re looking for feedback on outside of the monthly competition, bring a bottle or two to share at the Brewer’s Corner…it can be any style!