November 2016 Overview

Emily’s Post for November

October 29th was a beautiful day.   Jim Busch, Liz Pitts, Christian Parker, Christian Layke, Alison Skeel, Matt Pyle, Robert Stevens, Dan Rozman, Dave White,  Greg Leifer, Pam Leifer, David Derricotte , Sean McIlvain, Bill Ridgely, Wendy Aaronson, Thomas Sords, James Wisnieski, Alan Hew, Jude Wang, Howard Michelsen, and I assembled at Jim Busch’s home brewery to make BURP’s 35th anniversary beer, a strong Saison.  With many hands to do the work, we had lots of time for fellowship. Everyone brought goodies for breakfast or lunch.  Alison Skeel provided


Dan Rozman, David Derricotte, and Jim Busch

bagels and coffee for breakfast and Christian Parker provided pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.  No one left hungry.  We finished most of the clean up by 4 pm.

We will be gathering together in about 10 days (or when the beer is ready) to bottle the beer.  We will be using 750 ml bottles.  If you have any bottles sitting around and would like to contribute them to the brew, please bring them to the Real Ale meeting.  Let me know if you are interested in helping bottle and cork the beer.  We also need a design for the label. Please bring any ideas to Real Ale.

November’s meeting will be the Real Ale Festival at Bill and Wendy’s on November 12th.  The competition will be held November 11th.  The results of the competition will be announced at the meeting.  Nominations for next year’s officers will also take place at the


The Anniversary Brew Gang

November meeting.  If you want to get more involved and make the club even better, now is your chance to make a difference.  Let me know if you are interested in helping.  You can email me at or talk to me on November 12th. The Free State Homebrew Club Guild will have its Holiday Party on December 3rd  at Heavy Seas Brewery.  Our club is running the FastRack competition.  The party is always fun and a lot of good food and brews.  It is a good time to connect with brewers around Maryland.  Let me know if you want to join us and I will let you know how to get tickets. We will have our Holiday Party and meeting on December 15th.  Elections for the new officers will be held that night. Please plan to make a difference and get involved.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Real Ale.



We Want You!

          WE WANT YOU!

2017 is quickly approaching, and we are in need of BURPers to step up and fill a number of officer positions in the coming year.  Each position in need is listed below and has a very brief description of the person’s responsibilities, while the brackets indicate how many people we need to serve in that role.  To get more detail on the duties of each officer position here:  If you’re interested please contact Emily Michelsen ( or Dave White (

  • Fearless Leader (1 person) – The CEO, Chairman of the Board of Ministers, and de facto president of the club.  Oversees club business for the year.
  • Minister of Enlightenment (up to 2 people) – Coordinates all club education/training efforts
  • Minister of Propaganda (1 person) – Serves as secretary, keeps written minutes of the Board of Ministers, and coordinates club communication with the Web Master and Social Media Editor
  • Web Master (1 person) – Responsible for the operations and security of and coordinates with the Minister of Propaganda to insure that BURP communicates effectively utilizing a variety of different mediums (note: currently a non-voting position)
  • Social Media (Facebook) Editor (1 person) – Responsible for the operation (including generating posts) and security of BURP’s social media and Facebook page, coordinates with the Minister of Propaganda to insure that BURP communicates effectively utilizing a variety of different mediums (note: currently a non-voting position)

BURP Monthly Competition Winners – October 2016 – Ciders and Meads

Thanks to Joe Federico for hosting this month’s meeting.  The competition was for ciders and meads- both of which seem to be growing in popularity exponentially.  It was particularly intriguing and fun for a couple of reasons.  First, it’s been more than three years since either beverage was part of a BURP monthly competition, and second, the competition followed a different format from other culture events, since it was combined with an enlightenment component.  Many thanks to Janet Crowe, Bill Ridgely, and Wendy Aaronson for leading a group of interested BURPers in evaluating the cider entries and to Jamie and Paul Langlie for working with several BURPers in evaluating the mead entries.  Terri Fischer gets a special nod of gratitude for pulling double duty and helping with both groups!  Participant feedback on the format and the experience was extremely positive, so we’re likely to try something like this again in the future.

The competition followed the 2015 guidelines for both ciders and meads, and there was a total of eight entries: four ciders and honey-wine-mead-making-kitfour meads.  For the cider entries, there were three “new world cider” entries (category C1A) and one “cider with other fruit entry” (category C2B).  For the meads, they ran the gamut with one traditional semi-sweet mead (category M1B), one stone fruit mead (M2D), one spice/herb/vegetable mead (category M3B), and one specialty mead- a braggot (category M4A).  The top two entries from the respective groups were put forward to a best of show round. When it was all said and done, Dave White took first place with a braggot called “I Don’t Mean to Braggot”, while Hillary Sadoff took second place with her raspberry cider called “Berry-Jane Cider”. Joel Kalvesmaki took third place for his traditional semi-sweet called “Bee Sting”, and Bob Rouse received an honorable mention for his new world cider called “In Cider”.  Congratulations to all the winners!  See below for Dave’s braggot recipe.

Next month is BURP’s Annual Real Ale Festival.  Get more details here.

We hope to see you!

Dave White and Greg Leifer, Co-Ministers of Culture


Dave and Hillary celebrating their wins!


Joel Kalvesmaki showing off his robe… oops! We mean ribbon.

Here is Dave’s award-winning Braggot recipe:

Brew Name: I Don’t Mean to Braggot

  • Brew Type: Partial mash
  • Style: Braggot
  • Boil Time: 90 min
  • Batch Size: 3.50 gal
  • Boil Volume: 5 gal
  • Measured Original Gravity: 1.114 SG
  • Measured Final Gravity: 1.040 SG


  • 1.00 lb Crystal Malt (80 SRM)
  • 9.00 lb Pilsner Liquid Extract (3.5 SRM)
  • 5.00 lb Honey (1.0 SRM)- add at flameout
  • 1.00 oz Magnum [13%] (60 min)
  • 1.00 oz Fuggles [4.3%] (20 min)
  • 0.2 tsp Irish Moss (Boil 10.0 min)
  • 1.0 tsp yeast Nutrient (Primary 7.0 days)
  • 1 Pkg SafBrew Specialty Ale (DCL/Fermentis #T-58)
  • 1 Pkg Montrachet (Red Star)

Mash Profile

  • Mash In with Add 1.25 qt of water at 170.1 F to reach a mash temperature of 150.0 F and hold for 75 min
  • Single Infusion, Medium Body, No Mash Out
  • Fly sparge water: 4.72 gal 168.0 F


  • Started with T-58 yeast, but primary fermentation stalled out at 1.060 SG so added 1 pkg of Montrachet and finished at 1.040 SG.
  • Bottled with 2.3 oz of corn sugar and added 1/2 PKG of T-58

From the Ministry of Enlightenment
By Wendy Aaronson & Mike Reinitz, Co-Ministers of Enlightenment

At the October meeting, attendees had a chance to determine the level at which they could smell and taste diacetyl.  We used Michelob Ultra as the control beer and McCormick Imitation Butter flavor as the source of diacetyl.  We emptied two bottles of beer into a pitcher and added the butter flavor – 0.0 ml, 0.1 ml, 0.25 ml, 1.0 ml, 1.5 ml, and 2.0 ml.  There was supposed to be a caramel syrup sample, but one of us can’t follow recipes and ended up with a sugary mess.  Participants did not know the quantities of diacetyl in the samples.  Surprisingly, folks were more likely to smell diacetyl at a lower level than taste.  Only 1 person could smell diacetyl at the 0.1 ml level and just begin to taste it.  An overwhelming majority could smell diacetyl at the 0.1 ml level, but were not able to taste it until the 0.25 ml level.  This was a fun exercise that we created on the fly to help folks discover their threshold and think about how they can train their palette to be more sensitive.  It got Wendy thinking about developing a more controlled experiment to further understand sensory analysis of beer.

November Meeting – It’s REAL ALE!!!  Don’t miss the fun.  Tom and Andy will kick off the festivities at noon with a discussion about the flavor and mouthfeel of a perfect pint.

January Meeting – Brad Smith of BeerSmith will give a presentation at the January meeting.  Details will follow in a future post.

To Be Scheduled – Quick Soured Beers – Dave and Becky Pyle make awesome award-winning lambics, but it takes time and dedication.  Kettle Souring was frequently discussed at HomebrewCon 2016.  It seems simple.  After you mash, lauter, and sparge, you cool the wort to about 100-110F and pitch lactobacillus.  After reaching your desired sourness, you boil the wort.  Seems simple and controlled.  If you have tried this, let us know.  We will schedule something for the February meeting.

Mike is retiring as Minister of Enlightenment and Wendy will happily retire if a person or team has fresh ideas to enlighten the membership.  She is also available  to be a part of an enlightenment team.  If you’re interested in being an officer & planning fun, educational events for BURP, find Wendy or Mike at Real Ale to ask them about it!

As always, if you have suggestions for future education activities, please email us at

BURP 10 Years Ago This Month – Nov 2006
Compiled by Bill Ridgely, BURP Archivist

November is Real Ale month for BURP members, and on Nov 18, 2006, the club held its 10th annual Real Ale Festival at the Aaronridge Pub in Rockville, MD. As always, the competition to select the “Champion Real Ale of BURP” was held the night before, and all leftover beer was made available to the large and thirsty crowd the following day. For the record, there were 49 beers entered in the competition, served by way of 25 English beer engines donated by generous BURP owners. Ten of these beers went to the “best of show” round, judged for the first time by an all-female panel of judges (Wendy Aaronson, Colleen Cannon, Betsy Kepler, and Wendy Schmidt). The winning beer was an ESB brewed by Tim Artz. Second place went to Mark Hogenmiller for his Ordinary Bitter, and third went to Mel Thompson for his Brown Porter. BURPer Calvin Perilloux took the coveted “Cellarman’s Choice” mash paddle (given to the favorite beer of the volunteer stewards that didn’t make the BOS table) for his Mild Ale. The weather was cool but pleasant, and the crowd had a great time. The meeting report which appeared in the December edition of BURP News was written by none other than Brian “Stillwater” Strumke, the now-legendary brewer of exquisite Belgian ales sold under his Stillwater Ales brand name. Brian had a great time at the event and particularly enjoyed an ESB that had “an obvious Brett infection” – which was right up his alley! Musical entertainment was provided (then as now) by Bags Howard and Pops Popenoe, along with a fine ensemble of roots jazz musicians. A fine time was had by all! You can read Brian’s great meeting report on the BURP website (next to a photo of the all-female BOS panel) at

The Nov 2006 issue of BURP News featured a nice write-up by A.J. deLange on the brewing of BURP’s 25th anniversary American Barley Wine (which clocked in at an appropriate 25 degrees Plato). Club volunteers brewed a full barrel of the ale on A.J.’s home system (which resides in a special addition to his house in McLean, VA). Following A.J.s article, BURP’s Mark Hogenmiller reported on his summer vacation in Japan, where he found no beers of character outside of the country’s “big 5” mega-breweries (Asahi, Kirin, Orion, Sapporo, and Suntory). Of course, a lot has changed in Japan since that time, including a now-thriving craft beer scene. Professor Charlie Pavitt rounded out the issue with his monthly column, this time on the history of refrigeration as used to preserve the freshness of beer over the centuries.

BURP’s 20th Real Ale Festival – Information for All Attending

The following is important information that BURP members and their guests will need to know before leaving for the BURP Real Ale Festival on the Sat, Nov 12:

Meeting Time & Duration: The meeting will start at 12:00 instead of 1:00. This will give us time for the real ale education session and at least 2 serving sessions of 2 hours or more for the kegs on the back deck. The monthly meeting (which will include nomination of 2017 club officers) will be held during keg changeover and will include announcement of the Real Ale Competition winners. Once again, beers delivered in pins (traditional British casks) will be kept in the carport rather than on the back deck. This will help with past overcrowding issues on the back deck and also make beer available to all during the keg changeovers (when the back deck is closed). *Please Note* – While the official meeting end time is 6:00 PM, the hosts will have a campfire going, and everyone is welcomed to stay until the remaining kegs are consumed. Bring a folding or camping chair if you wish to stay and enjoy the evening camaraderie.

 Weather: The current forecast is for beautiful weather in the 50’s on Saturday, so dress appropriately as the meeting will be an outdoor event. The good part is that the cool temps will keep the real ales in prime drinking condition throughout the afternoon. We will have tables set up for warm and hot dishes that need access to power (i.e., warming trays and crock pots). And the kitchen stove and microwave will be available for soups and such. But keep in mind that most food will be served outside. As mentioned above, we will have the outdoor fireplace set up to keep everyone warm during the afternoon and evening.

Parking: The large crowd expected means parking will be tight on the cul de sac. However, there should be plenty of spaces on adjacent streets for late arrivals. Aaronridge Pub management would like to remind everyone to not block (or even partially block) any driveways on Harvard Court. The police officer who lives across the street will be on the lookout for violators.

Food & Glassware: While this is a “no homebrew required” meeting, please follow normal protocol of bringing more food that you can eat. This applies to both BURP members and specially invited guests. And if you prefer to drink your Real Ale out of a real glass, bring one to the meeting. Please do not use the host glassware.

Guests: The hosts would like to remind those attending that this is primarily a BURP event for BURP members. While bringing guests is not discouraged (and attendance by potential new members is greatly encouraged), the hosts would very much appreciate being contacted beforehand by all those who wish to bring guests to the event. They would also like to request that everyone attending wear a name tag. BURP members already have wearable name tags. Guests will be provided with stick-on name tags and will be approached by club officers and encouraged to join the club. After all, a public Real Ale Festival such as the one held annually in Baltimore requires a fairly significant outlay of money. A BURP membership costs only $20 ($25 for couples) and provides a full year of great activities outside of Real Ale (not to mention excellent educational opportunities). It’s not too much to ask of those who are not already members.

We are also looking for volunteers to man the check-in table for short periods during the day. If you would be willing to serve a fairly short shift to help out, please contact the hosts at

Charity: During this season of Thanksgiving, your club wishes to make a significant contribution toward feeding those who are in need. To that effect, there will two opportunities to help the cause. One half of proceeds from the monthly raffle will be distributed to two local charities providing food to the hungry – Manna Food Center in MD and Food for Others in N. VA. In addition, we are asking each person who attends to bring at least one can of food to support the annual Scouting for Food drive hosted by the Boy Scouts. *Please* support all of these charities by being very generous purchasing raffle tickets and contributing canned food. *Note on food drive*: Please bring only non-perishable items and no glass jars.

Music: We are happy to announce that Bags Howard and his Riverside Carnival Band, a wonderful assemblage of roots and Dixieland musicians who have performed at past BURP Real Ale Festivals, will be returning to the Aaronridge Pub this year. Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy some rousing musical entertainment along with your perfectly conditioned pint.

Book Sale: If weather and time permit, a selection of older books and periodicals from the BURP Li-Beery will be made available for sale (books) and giveaway (periodicals). Bring a little extra cash if interested. A portion of all book sales will go to the charities shown above.