SoFB results 1995


Brewers United for Real Potables


Results from Spirit of Free Beer, 1995

Brewers United for Real Potables (BURP) held the Third Annual
Nation’s Capital Spirit of Free Beer Homebrew Competition at the
Potomac River Brewing Company on Saturday, May 20, 1995. Thanks
go to our hosts; to Rick Garvin, the Judge Coordinator; to Debbie
Parshall, Barb Stevens and Jamie Langlie, the Cooler Ladies; to
all of our sponsors, and especially to the judges and stewards. I
am happy to say that we had 100% attendence by judges, and better
than that by stewards.

This year we had 206 entries, divided into twelve classes. The
winners are:

1. Light Lager                  13 Entries
1st Lindsay Weiford             German Pilsner
2nd Wendell Ose                 Bohemian Pilsner
3rd Fred Hardy                  Dortmunder/Export
2. Amber and Dark Lager         7 Entries
1st Delano DuGarm               Schwartzbier
2nd Ed Janiak and Dan Wright    Munich Dunkel
3rd Ed Cosgrove                 Marzen
3. Bock                         9 Entries
1st Francis Parks               Doppelbock
2nd Tim Artz                    Doppelbock
3rd Alan Czeszynski             Traditional Bock
4. British and German Ale       33 Entries
1st Scott Bickham               Alt
2nd Larry and Trish Koch        English Special
3rd Fred Hardy                  English Special

5. American Style Ale           28 Entries
1st Scott Bickham               IPA
2nd Bob Crandall                American Pale Ale
3rd Jeff Savadel                IPA
6. Brown Ale                    15 Entries
1st Eric Nudelman               English Brown
2nd Joseph Demko                English Brown
3rd Andrew Duke                 American Brown
7. Porter                       14 Entries
1st Keith Chamberlin            Robust Porter
2nd Robert Stevens etc.         Robust Porter
3rd Robert Dawson               Brown Porter
8. Stout                        22 Entries
1st Joy Hanson                  Foreign Style
2nd Rob Crandell                Foreign Style
3rd Peter Talmadge              Imperial Stout
9. Strong Ales                  12 Entries
1st Joy Hansen                  Barley Wine
2nd Ed Cosgrove                 Old Ale
3rd Dave and Becky Pyle         Old Ale

10. Belgian Ales                14 Entries
1st Scott Bickham               Fruit Lambic (Framboise, Kriek)
2nd Tim Artz                    Flanders Brown
3rd Bob Grossman                Fruit Lambic (Framboise, Kriek)
11. Novelty                     33 Entries
1st Dot Steller and Tim Artz    Fruit
2nd Tim Artz                    Herb Beer
3rd Jim Blue                    Classic Style Specialty
12. German Wheat                6 Entries
1st Janet Crowe, etc.           Weizen
2nd A.J. DeLange                Weizenbock
3rd Andrew Henckler             Weizenbock
Best of Show
1st Delano DuGarm               Schwartzbier
2nd Dot Steller and Tim Artz    Fruit
3rd Joy Hansen                  Barley Wine