Wanted – Recipes for a BURP Cookbook

 byWendy Aaronson

At the end of Emily Michelsen’s Fearless Leader column last month, she mentioned that she would like to put together a BURP cookbook to distribute at the AHA conference in Baltimore in June.  I didn’t think much about this until I tasted so many delicious dishes at the BURP Holiday Potluck Banquet and decided that we have something very special.  We brew awesome beer and we put the same level of creativity and skill into cooking and baking.  While enjoying the meal with Janet Crowe and Raine Koch, we spoke about what it would take to put this together.  The Winter Warmers we consumed allowed the ideas to flow and gave us the encouragement and attitude that we could do anything.  Raine laid out the entire project plan which might have discouraged some people, but not Janet and me.  Let me repeat, Winter Warmer.  We even enlisted a new member, Don Lewis, into this project.  And, of course, Emily was on board as soon as we mentioned it to her.

We want sections of the cookbook to highlight some of our events and each dish should be something that is easily transportable and consumable at a BURP meeting.  We would like a section on chili, German and Irish specialties, dishes made with beer, and dishes paired with beer.

So, we need recipes.  For the section containing dishes paired with beer, we are looking for both the food and beer recipes.  We would like these by the end of January, so we can spend February going through the difficult task of deciding what should be included.  Meanwhile, we will research how to publish.

Send your recipes to wendya1002@gmail.com.  If interested in helping with this project, please send me a message.